Arandur Haedel

Head counsel member of the Tindori province of Elwood, Husband to Faelwen, Father to Barathon and the late Amavanna


Arandur is the younger brother to Daeron Haedel, whom is on the Great Council of Evlor’edwen. Arandur is head council member of the Tindori province of Elwood, which is charged in the defense of the Tindor woods themselves. He does have some ranger training from earlier in his life, during which he met his wife Faelwen, but more lately he has put down his sword, except for in times of need, in order to be a leader to his community.

His son Barathon also helps him on the small council of just 5 governing the province of Elwood. His beautiful daughter was recently lost in an attack from raiders that was directed from an unknown source, and this has had a great toll on him. He is still hanging in there, mostly only because his family and community need him to. In all of this, he has found a silver lining in an unexpected place.

His daughter was discovered to have a lover recently before her death, and of all things, a Drow elf. At first Arandur thought his daughter must have gone crazy, and he forbid her to ever see him again… and reaffirmed her all Drow are evil, regardless of how they might seem. He had told her he just wanted to trick her, so she might play as a pawn in their evil schemes. How wrong he was about this Drow, as Shirzyne finally proved himself a worthy ally in the attack the finally took Arandur’s daughter.

He had lost a daughter in that attack, but in a way, had gained a new son. He got to know Shrizyne and realized why his daughter loved him so. He truely was different from other Drow, and in time trusted him as a good friend. He referred him to his brother Daeron, and as such began the true acceptance of Shrizyne into the Tindori communities.


Arandur Haedel

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