Amavanna Haedel

Late daughter to House Haedel of the Tindori Wood Elves, and former love to Shrizyne Zaumtor


Amavanna was part of House Haedel of the Tindori Wood Elves, you see she recently passed less then a year ago during a raider attack on her village deep in the Tindor woods. She had previously fallen in love with a particular Drow elf by the name of Shrizyne Zaumtor who was nothing like the rest of his kin. Unfortunately, due to her untimely demise, this union never was fully realized, and both her family and her love have been stricken with sadness from her passing. Her name, however, lives on through her love Shrizyne, as he fights to find the wicked villains behind the attack that had claimed her life and bring them to justice.

She was a very talented aristocrat and was training with her Uncle Daeron, who is on the great Council of Evlor’edwn, to someday become a council member of the great Tindori city of Evlor’edwen. Her father Arandur is head Elwood, which is one of the many provinces charged with defending the Tindor forest along its borders. Faelwen, Amavanna’s mother, is a great ranger of the Tindori peoples. She also has a brother, Barathon, who is also on Eldwood council with his father.


Amavanna Haedel

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