A voracious little chatterbox of a mouse


Kriki is a sociable little woodland creature. She is naturally curious, ever hungry, and seemingly unafraid of anything. Well now that’s not quite right, she is afraid of the witch Ulizmila who once attempted to polymorph the rodent into a flea.


Kriki is the familiar of Kolmolkmurk, the former Shaman of the Kobolds who now lair within the warrens of Drosker’s Crag. Kolmolkmurk was exiled many years ago after he drank one of his own botched potions which ended up killing him, and then reanimating him as a Zombie. Since then, the one time Shaman turned undead has wandered Darkmoon Wood, thoughtless and aimless. In all this time Kriki has dutifully attended her master, nesting in the cavity of his now empty skull. Moreover, due to her link with her now brainless master, Kriki has learned to control the movements of the Kobold Zombie, and has put the undead creature to good use foraging throughout the Wood in search of sustenance for the rodent.




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