Tough and Savvy Local Herbalist of Falcon's Hollow


The Local herbalist, Laurel is a rail-thin woman with severe-looking spectacles and hair pulled back tight. A tough woman, Laurel’s income stems as much from her sale of snake oils and aphrodisiacs as from questionable cure-alls and bitter teas. As quick to suggest expensive remedies as she is to remind angry buyers that she is not , in fact, a physician, Laurel does her best to help those who come to her in need, but her tight income, need to survive, and pride prevent her from admitting failure.

Laurel became considerably more popular within town after (aided by the Twilight Guard) discovering a cure for the “Black Scour” illness plaguing town. Roots and Remedies is now a bustling hub of activity within Falcon’s Hollow, and even draws in business from out of town as those suffering from rare illnesses come to her in desperation.

Oddly there have been an increasing amount of apparently “healthy” looking travelers journeying to Roots and Remedies, some even seeking her attention after business hours.



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