Local Female acolyte that works in the church


A very pretty Elf. Fire red hair, standing five feet tall.


I currently Work in the Abby of Lumacien (ha! if they only knew I was a Sorcerer).

Having fleed from Ilogroth, I now find myself in this hell hole. If it wasn’t for my good looks and charm I’d have died by now for sure.

This insufferable local merc named of Zanaver will not leave me alone. I cant bring myself to tell him off though; he seems different than the rest of the people in town, and I’ve not seen a Tiefling in person before. There’s also something mystical or dark about him that I cant explain. I shall have to watch him more closely see what secrets he holds, though I must steel myself for he may also be holding my heart. and if he is evil then perhaps literally so.

10th Greenlea, 2,655

I saw Zanaver again today. He stopped by to give me some beautiful flowers…then he offered to buy me a bedpan! A BEDPAN!!! What does he take me for, some kind of a two-bit floozy? He said it was a joke. Heh, some joke alright! Well he’ll have to do allot better than that if he wants to win my heart…right heart…?




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