Kitani Eavewalker

The most beautiful and alluring woman in Falcon's Hollow


Kitani is a tall lithe elf Maiden with rich chocolate brown hair, tanned skin and five distinctive beauty marks above her right eye. She dresses in the finest silks, smells of jasmine and her words are like honey.


Kitani is descended from Angullian aristocracy. Her family made a political misstep a generation ago and were forced to flee North. She has dwelt in Falcon’s Hollow ever since. In her day, Kitani was the most sought after maiden in all of the vale. She had over two score suitors before Idris came and swept her of her feet. The famed ranger was nothing if not a romantic, and Kitani fell fast in love.

Those first few years of marriage were bliss. They bore a lovely daughter whom they named Kimi. Yet they were poor, and Idris’s natural wanderlust began to gnaw at him. In order to provide a better life for his family, the Ranger once more took up the adventurers life and began to roam the vale in pursuit of fame and fortune. He found it. At first he would leave for no more than a month or two at a time. However as he began to receive more commissions his quests grew ever longer and visits home less and less frequent.

Kitani took up the life of a seamstress. Not that she needed the money, she and Kimi lived comfortably in the rich part of town on the income Idris provided. No, rather, she needed something to occupy her time, and assuage her growing discontent. Kimi by this time, had fallen in love with her father’s legend and wanted to grow up to be just like daddy. She became the town tomboy and eventually started her own adventuring band named The Falcon Knights, which consisted of several other of the town’s children. Thus, Kitani spent much of her time alone in the Eavewalker home. Idris’ absence brought Kitani unsought attention as more and more men began to find excuses to be near her. Boss Teedom started coming around to “examine her silks.” Kimi grew to resent her mother, all the time maintaining that she was being unfaithful to her father. Life at the Eavewalker home is thus somewhat less than happy these days.



Kitani Eavewalker

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