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Hollow's Last Hope

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Adventure synopsis

An outbreak of a deadly fungus known as Blackscour has contaminated the well water of Falcon’s Hollow, an industrious logging village within Darkmoon Vale. Within a week of the fungal outbreak, nearly two dozen of the villagers had perished as a result of infection, and many more lay dying. Two local bounty hunters known as Shrizyne and Zanaver pair up with a couple of newly arrived adventures named Edmund and Toed to seek out a remedy to the Blackscour epidemic. Upon consulting with Laurel, the village herbalist, they discover that there is a cure to the infection, but it requires three rare ingredients which Laurel does not possess. These ingredients can be found within Darkmoon Wood and its surroundings, but any quest to find these ingredients will be fraught with the perils of lupine attacks, the malcontent of a powerful witch, and the ire of a belligerent clan of Kobolds. The four unlikely adventurers accept the risks, and set out to find a cure for the village.

Campaign journals

Shrizyne’s Journal: 1st Entry
Edmund’s Journal: 1st Entry
Edmund’s Journal: 2nd Entry
Edmund’s Journal: 3rd Entry




Interesting format.

Hollow's Last Hope

Thanks…I think…

Hollow's Last Hope

I love that from the onset here at the beginning you’ve given your PC’s a true definitive reason to work together, finding the ingredients to help eradicate Blackscour. I can’t wait to read on to see how they hold up against this witch and band of Kobolds.

Hollow's Last Hope

Thanks Dyluth, although I can’t really take credit for the storyline. This first adventure followed a module put out by Paizo. There are several other modules that Paizo published taking place within Darkmoon Vale, and my plan is to use some of these as a diving in point. However latter adventures will be of my own design.

Hollow's Last Hope

There are few campaigns on this site that ever truly hold my attention past 5 minutes. Thus far yours has held it way beyond 5 minutes, and all ready what I am reading here sounds like it was written by a true master of story telling, plus it sounds like this game has some genuine substance. But I have yet to judge that. Its time I start reading up on what other peoples work and learn from them. But I must ask, will you be detailing the finer details of the adventure any time soon? or is that some thing that you are unable to fit in your schedule? Or is it some thing that you purposefully leave out to leave room for the imagination among your readers? Either way this is going to be a fun read!

Hollow's Last Hope

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