Tales of Darkmoon Vale

Campaign Timeline

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It all began with the outbreak of a deadly illness within Falcon’s Hollow, a small destitute little logging village owned by an exploitative lumber consortium. A couple of local mercenaries named Zanaver and Shrizyne joined up with newcomers Edmund and Toed in order to seek out a cure to the plague. After successfully completing this quest the four decided to band together into an adventuring party that would soon become known as the Twilight Guard. In their adventures in and around the Darkmoon Vale, the Twilight Guard have brought down a violent group of bandits known as the Reavers, rescued a band of children from being sacrificed by a tribe of superstitious kobolds, and succeeded in tracking down and subduing the most elusive cat burglar in the Norther Reaches. While the Guard has had an auspicious beginning, Much still lies ahead. Problems aplenty beset the Western Baronies that lie along the treacherous Darkmoon Vale. There is no telling where their path shall lead. For the party traverses the ethical boundaries between light and dark, guarding the realm of twilight.


Chapter 1: Hollow’s Last Hope
Chapter 2: The Reavers Affair
Chapter 3: Crown of the Kobold King
Chapter 4: To Catch a Thief
Interlude: A Changing of the Guard
Chapter 5: Death to Lycans
Chapter 6: Carnival of Tears
Chapter 7: Battle of Falcon’s Hollow

Battle of Falcon's Hollow

Battle of falcon s hollow

Adventure synopsis

The town of Falcon’s Hollow had been devastated by the attack of the Cold Rider and his dark fey. Nearly a quarter of the townsfolk had been slaughtered in the gruesome Carnival events before the Twilight Guard was able to slay the Cold Rider and drive off his cold hearted minions. Following the events of the Carnival, Thuldren Kreed capitalized on the Town’s pain and suffering. The fey of Darkmoon wood had always been a thorn in the side of the lumber consortium. Ever since Kreed had broken his treaty with Syntira by logging within the borders of her realm, the Nymph Queen’s subjects had violently resisted all of Kreed’s efforts at progress. Yet now, given the town’s heightened sense of fear and outrage over the events of Quin’s Carnival, Kreed saw a way to rid himself of Syntira and her meddlesome fey once and for all. Since Ambrosia, Syntira’s sister, and a handful of other Darkmoon Fey were known to have participated in the attack, it wasn’t a difficult task for Kreed to convince the town that Syntira had helped to instigate the Carnival slaughter. Kreed began to mobilize the town for an all out war upon the fey of Darknmoon Wood. He sent word of his plan to the executives of the Consortium and was reassured that the Consortium would hire mercenaries to aid the town in the extermination of the fey.

The Twilight Guard however knew the truth, that Syntira was innocent of Kreed’s accusations and had even aided the party during the Carnival. However they judged that the town was in too frenzied a state to give ear to their professions of Syntira’s innocence without proof. Hence, they journeyed into the heart of Darkmoon Wood to warn the Nymph Queen of the approaching storm, and to see if there was a way of preventing the coming bloodshed. On meeting with Syntira, the Nymph Queen informed the party that her kingdom was in turmoil. While Syntira had sought a peaceful resolution to disputes with the lumber consortium, many of her subjects believed that stiffer measures were called for. The Cold Rider had turned the hearts of many of Syntira’s subjects to ice. They no longer rejoiced in the beauty and mystery of life, for their minds were bent only on revenge. After the defeat of the Cold Rider, many of the fey abandoned their Queen to serve under Ambrosia, for the Queen’s sister promised to sate their desire for blood. One of those who chose to depart was Sylvanas, the Court Minstrel and leader of the Satyr. Many of the Satyr followed Sylvanas, however his lover, Felicity, remained true to her Queen. Yet her sorrow was great, and she earnestly sought to save the soul of her beloved. Given this state of affairs, if the town of Falcon’s Hollow were to attack the fey, the Nymph Queen feared that all of her subjects would join with Ambrosia, and any hope of a peaceful resolution would be lost.

While Syntira doubted that Ambrosia could be turned, perhaps there was still a chance to quench the hatred of the town. As a token of her good will, Syntira offered the party two gifts to bestow upon Falcon’s Hollow. The first was a Moon Blossom, the rarest and most precious flower in the north. For they only grow upon soil hallowed by the birth of a fairy and their nectar restores life. The second gift was the Lay of Sylvanus, the saddest and most beautiful song the party had ever heard. Contained within this lay was all of Felicity’s love for Sylvanas, and all of her pain at his loss. The song held an enchantment over all who heard it. Syntira captured the song in a crystal vile and told the party that once the vial was opened, Felicity’s song would be loosed. Syntira hoped that upon receiving these gifts, the hearts of the town would be softened, and they would seek peace with the fey.

Liberation of falcon s hollow

Adventure synopsis

After receiving these gifts, the Twilight Guard departed. However, prior to their return to Falcon’s Hollow the party ran in to Sylvanas and two of his guard. After learning that the party intended on preventing bloodshed Sylvanas attacked the party. However he underestimated the party’s prowess in combat and was forced to flee for his life after his guard was slain. After making it back to Falcon’s Hollow, the party assembled the town together over a banquet where they intended to bestow Syntira’s gifts upon the people and urge the town to seek peace with the fey. However, when Kreed heard this he became indignant and accused the party of being week minded fey sympathizers. In response Sir Volker attempted to place Kreed under arrest for a myriad of past crimes. Kreed in turn commanded his men to arrest the party and an all out battle between the party and Kreed erupted. In the midst of the battle Sir Volker slew Kreed thus causing his mercenaries to scatter. By this time the banquet had erupted into an uproar yet Talgar was able to still the crowd and, after producing Syntira’s gifts, convince them that Syntira was not behind the attack on Quin’s Carnival. Meanwhile Sir Volker pronounced that due to the crimes of the Lumber Consortium, as a Knight of the Ram serving under the King he declared the town to be liberated from the civil authority of the Consortium. Furthermore the party would appoint a council to preside over and rule the town until another Baron was appointed to rule over the town.

The Following day the party confiscated all records of the Lumber Consortium’s dealings. They discovered that the Consortium was led not by a board of directors, as was commonly assumed, but rather by a mysterious figure known as Count Azuroal. Yet oddly there were no nobles within the Northern Reaches known by that title. While the Western Baronies had been under the regional authority of the Lumber Consortium, ultimately they were ruled by Count Atherlend. But then who was this Azuroal character? In addition the party learned that the reinforcements that Kreed had requested were due to arrive any day. Soon over eighty half-orc mercenaries and two Hill giants led by Captain Glem, the High Inquisitor of the Consortium, would descend upon Falcon’s Hollow, and it would be unlikely that Glem would take kindly to the news of the town’s recent liberation. Hence, putting aside the issue of Count Azuroal for the moment, the party rushed out to seek aid from Fort Adams in protecting the town. A contingent of ten elite archers and thirty infantry led Sir Ablard, another Knight of the Ram, accompanied the party back to Falcon’s Hollow.

Sir Volker went to parlay with Captain Glem. He told Glem of the Town’s recent liberation and attempted, without success to persuade him to leave the town alone. When his entreaty was rejected, Sir Volker attacked the Captain and his mercenaries with the elite archers that lay in hiding. A brief skirmish ensued in which Sir Volker learned that Glem was nor ordinary man but a terrible winged creature of immense power. The following day the party prepared the town for battle. All but one of the entrances to town were blocked off while the one remaining entrance was trapped. Over a hundred terrified townsfolk took up positions along the town’s palisade while the militia led by Sir Ablard and Sir Volker lie in wait below. The elite archers took up their position on top of the roof of the local abbey. After some time, Glems’s mercenary forces arrived and the battle for Falcon’s Hollow began. While the Hill Giants were able to steadily pick off archers along the palisade, the combined volleys of Falcon’s Hollow decimated Glem’s mercenaries. Glem however summoned a pair of Bearded Devils to attack the town’s infantry while he himself focused on sending wave after wave of area affect spells down upon the town’s archers. As devastating as Glem’s spells proved to be, his numbers were just too few to handle the constant volleys of arrows unleashed by Falcon’s Hollow. Thus, when all of his mercenaries had either fled or been slain, Glem cursed the party, swearing revenge and then made his own retreat. Moreover, when news of the death of Kreed and the town’s liberation from the Lumber Consortium reached the denizens of Darkmoon Wood, Sylvanas was satisfied and his lust for revenge diminished. He led a large number of Satyr back to Syntira. In the weeks that followed a new treaty between Men and Fey was forged.

Carnival of Tears

Adventure synopsis

A strange chill wind blew down the mountainside consuming the Spring season in a resurgent winter. As snow began to fall late in the month of Greenlea the locals of Dawnhaven speculated as to whether Ilistra, the Witch Queen of Glistenar, might be planning another conquest into Caldoranth, to cover the northern lands in a perpetual winter. The Twilight Guard meanwhile discovers that cruel frost fey belonging to Ilistra have been mutilating local cattle. After tracking down and slaying a few such fey, they then learn that Quinn, the Master of a local carnival, has recently made a dark pact with these fey. The carnival is set to begin within Falcon’s Hollow in two days time and people from all around Darkmoon Vale are arriving in droves to participate in the festivities. However some fear that Quinn and the frost fey have more insidious plans in store for fair-goers, though just what these plans consist in is unknown.

Upon learning this, the Twilight Guard rushes back to Falcon’s Hollow to discover what the frost fey are up to and undermine their nefarious schemes. There they meet with Sheriff Baleson who informs them that tensions between the Lumber Consortium and the fey of Darkmoon Vale are at an all time high. War seems inevitable. Meanwhile the Redrock Guild has been “recruiting” more logger widows to the Rouge Lady, and Baleson suspects that some of these women are being trafficked to the Orc Clans of the Atrowan Heights. Baleson deputizes the party and charges them with paroling the fair grounds, where Kabran Bloodeye has set up a peep show for members of the Logging Consortium and anyone else who can pay. While at the Carnival, the party witnesses an odd “Menagerie of Freaks” side show. They then dispatch with a lumber baron attempting to force himself on a widow.

Adventure synopsis

The Carnival was in full swing as the Twilight Guard roamed about in search of clues to the disappearance of several widows pressed into prostitution by the Redrock Guild. Having little investigative luck the Guard decided to take a more aggressive stance. They had learned that Kabran Bloodeye, the owner of The Rouge Lady and Guild-Master of the Redrock’s had set up a peep show in a private tent within the Carnival. Thus, the Guard decided to make an appearance. Upon arriving, the party beheld a group of rubinensque nude women sensuously gyrating before a stage of onlookers to the rhythms of a couple of lecherous looking minstrels. Four half-orcs guarded the platform, warding off prying hands and arranging “private back-stage performances” for anyone who could pay. Thaylen overheard the sound of someone being beaten from behind the stage. When he announced this to the party, Welverin ushered him forward. Treating him as a servant the Mage announced, “There’s a good lad, now go and fetch me a plump one!” Thaylen, grumbling under his breath a little, acquiesced and moments later the two strode to the back room with a shy humiliated woman. The rest of the party soon followed.

Aback of the stage the party soon located the source of the disturbing noises. Behind one set of curtains Kabran smacked around a lovely red-haired girl named Ralla who had refused to service a particularly loathsome merchant. Beside the Guild-Master stood Skald, the leader of the Tomb Scalpers, and Thorg, his right-hand man-orc. Enraged by such treatment, Ithilien unsheathed his mighty Broadsword and rushed into combat. Within moments the two Tomb-Scalpers lay dead and Kabran himself was arrested by the party. The initial plan was to use the eye witness testimony of Ralla to incarcerate Kabran for acts of human trafficking. However on the way to the Sherif’s Department, Zanaver pointed out that with Kabran’s political ties, the Guild-Master would be released in no time. Thus, he and Thaylen devised a plan to trick their lawful Paladin companion into thinking that Kabran was attempting escape. Zanaver cast Darkness upon Kabran while Thaylan yelled “Lookout, he’s trying to escape.” Ithilien seized upon the the half-orc and thrust his blade through his heart. Thus died the most despicable pimp of Falcon’s Hollow.

A party divided

Adventure synopsis

With Kabran dead the party rushed back to the frost-filled Carnival. Revelry of all forms abounded: burly lumberjacks tested their might swinging the mighty Titans Wheel and wet their whistles at the Strong Ale Tent; children gathered round ol’ man Sathelbry’s sleigh to take wild rides through the woods; lovers skated along the frozen river; gourmands sampled the local fare at the pie eating contest; and spectators gathered in droves to get a peak at the Lumber Consortium’s latest gadgets inside the Tent of Modern Wonders. The only ones not making mirth were the Twilight Guard, who prowled the fair grounds in search of danger lurking amidst the merriment.

It came suddenly. A blood-curdling scream pierced the din of the Carnival. The party quickly traced the scream to the north end of the fair grounds where a large maze of ice had been set up. Surprised looking fair-goers and carnies leaped out of the way as the Twilight Guard raced inside. Within moments another scream, closer at hand, was heard. As the party rounded a corner they looked on in horror as a large feral Minotaur rammed it’s ebony horns into a terrified woman. The party would discover later that the beast, Gradzaal, had formerly been a member of the freak show which had escaped from his cage and, under the influence of evil fey, begun to slay fair-goers. Weapons drawn, The Twilight Guard rushed forward and cut down the blood-thirsty beast where he stood. When the Maze was secured, the party decided to set forth to confront Quinn, the Carnival Master, who might have had a hand in the Minotaur’s release. After learning that Quinn would be giving a performance of sword play within the Carnival’s main thoroughfare at dusk, the party decided to pass the time by participating in a local archery contest.

Oddly enough, Zanaver took second prize in the contest, earning himself a deranged looking pixie doll that he later learned was cursed. The grand prize, an Arrow of Slaying Humans, however went to a mysterious figure clad in dark robes with unrivaled skill at the bow. Upon receiving the prize, the figure revealed himself to be none other than Idris Eavewalker, the famed adventure and husband of Kitani. Shrizyne, who had formed a close relationship with Kitani and her daughter Kimi, took an immediate interest in Idris. However the man vanished into a crowd as he left the stage. At that moment however Ithilien caught sight of someone from his past. Retheldir, formerly his father’s chief spy, now his younger brother’s assassin, wandered through the crowd with two heavily armed soldiers in tow. There was no doubt in Ithilien’s mind that Retheldir had been sent for him. For Ithilien was the rightful heir of Valoir, and should he return to the land the throne would pass to him. After a brief council with the rest of the party, Ithilien, Welverin and Thaylen decided that the time had come to depart. If they stayed their presence would compromise the party’s mission. Thus, once again Shrizyne and Zanaver found themselves the lone members of the Twilight Guard.

Harbinger of dread

Adventure synopsis

As dusk set in, a thin wiry half elf clothed in dark purple leather approached the audience. With a flourish he brandished twin curved shortwords and began to wheel and dance about in a skillful display of juggling and sword thrusts that held the audience entranced. As he finished his display, Zanaver approached to confront the Circus Master whom he believed to have dealings with the fey. However, as he did so, a small fox bound through the crowd and leapt into Zanaver’s arms. Attached to the fox was a parchment bearing the seal of Syntira, the Fey Queen of Darkmoon Wood. Zanaver broke the seal and he and Shrizyne read the enclosed invitation to meet Syntira at the Western Grove if they wished to help save the town of Falcon’s Hollow.

Moments later they arrived at the grove, where they met red-haired cleric named Talgar who had received the same invitation. There appeared before the three a radiant nude Nymph, the very essence of beauty incarnate. The Queen addressed the three, explaining that the Carnival was about to turn bloody. Months ago a Cold Rider sent by Illistra, the Witch Queen of Glistenar, arrived in Darkmoon Wood. The Rider offered to help Syntira defend the woods against the ravages of the Lumber Consortium. In her bitterness at the humans of Falcon’s Hollow, the Fey Queen had consented. However she did not know the full scope of Illistra’s intent. The Cold Rider turned the hearts of many of her subjects to icy hatred. They kidnapped Quinn’s wife Tessa and trapped her soul within a Witch Ice Shard. They then managed to strike a bargain with the tormented half elf to free Tessa if Quinn would allow the fey to take over his carnival and destroy all those within it. In an earnest voice the Queen continued, “The Cold Rider bears a crystal charm known as the Eye of Rapture which will enchant all who look upon it to cloak horror and agony in the guise of mirth and merriment. So long as the crystal remains, the fair-goers will continue their revels as the fey cut them down. You must act quickly. My kin already begin their slaughter. Your people bleed, they suffer for nothing but spite. Save them, and save yourselves.”

Campaign journals

Zanaver’s Journal: Carnival of Tears Part 4

The Cold Rider Cometh

Adventure synopsis

After learning from Syntira of the gruesome fate awaiting the town of Falcon’s Hollow, Zanaver, Shrizyne and their new companion, Talgar, rushed back to the Carnival to try to prevent a massacre. They arrived just as the fireworks were being launched. The fair-goers looked on in wonder at the display of lights. When the smoke had faded small bits of what looked to be ash began to fall from the sky, settling upon the fair in a thick haze. Yet as the Twilight Guard entered the carnival they saw to their chagrin that what they had taken to be ash were actually plump leaches! Smiling, vacant-eyed fair-goers walked about in a trance, oblivious to the parasites that covered their bodies. Chilling laughter pierced the night as a frost gnome ushered children into a sleigh displaying a sign upon which was painted in blood “Free Slay Rides for Children”. The party wasted no time, but descended upon the little gnome, unleashing upon him a flurry of destruction. The cackle of the Gnomes laughter faded as his life ebbed from him.

When the battle was over the party became aware that someone had been watching them. In the distance stood a muscular, broad shouldered figure bearing a helm crested with the horns of a ram. The man approached the party and introduced himself as Sir Baylon Volkner, a Knight of the Order of the Ram. Sir Volkner explained that he had come to the Carnival on an errand of his own. After Quinn’s sword performance an odd small blue creature bearing a crystal rose entered the fair to give the final performance before the fireworks display. He sung a haunting melody in a foreign tongue, all the time slowly waving the crystal rose at the crowds in cadence with his song. Volkner noticed that the fair-goers seemed to be lulled by the display into some kind of trance. Following this event, icy fey had swarmed into the Carnival, slain the carnies, and turned the Carnivals attractions into cruel instruments of death and destruction. The Titans wheel was now being used as a torture rack; a steady flow of carnage streamed from the Tent of Modern Wonders as townsfolk where tossed upon the Saw Mills, or within the Chippers and Debarkers owned by the Lumber Consortitum; the ale of the Strong Ale Tent had been spiked with an magic cocktail that turned lumber jacks into trees; the Peep Show now hosted a Nymph that blinded fair-goers with her radiance while cruel ice brownies shredded them with a thousand tiny claws; the Pie Eating Contest now served pastries stuffed with steaming hot rotten flesh that turned fair-goers into hogs; and at the Ice Carving Contest dazed fair-goers slowly chipped away at blocks of ice containing living humans within. Volker assumed that he had been the only fair-goer unaffected by the crystal Eye of Wonder. Yet having witnessed the battle between the frost gnome and the Twilight Guard, Volkner was eager to join the party in their quest to upset the Carnival’s hideous attractions and thereby undermine the nefarious plans of the Cold Rider and his master, the Witch Queen.

Over the course of two hours the party managed to destroy several of the Carnival’s dark attractions, but not before suffering many injuries, including blindness. Yet the deeds of the Twilight Guard managed to attract the attention of the Cold Rider, who sent his fleet footed servant, Peck, to thwart them. Peck taunted the Twilight Guard and waved the Witch Shard at them yelling “catch me if you can!” They did, and Peck succumbed to a painful battery of blades and spells. As Peck fell Quinn emerged from the shadows and shattered the Witch Shard, thereby releasing his wife from imprisonment. After weeping bittersweet tears, the Master of the Carnival offered to join the party in their quest to undermine the Cold Rider. They then destroyed a few more of the fair’s attractions. Soon enough a frozen, rotten corpse crowned with icy antlers strode into the fairgrounds. He bore a wicked looking Glaive and sat mounted upon an icy nightmare. As he approached, the figure hailed the party and, in a chilling hollow voice, challenged them to a deadly contest. The Twilight Guard was more than willing to oblige the Cold Rider. The battle was fierce, and the Cold Rider proved to be a deadly adversary. Zanaver, Shrizyne and Sir Volkner each came within inches of their life. Yet in the end they managed to slay their foe. As the Cold Rider breathed his last, a crystal rose, The Eye of Wonder, fell from his grasp and melted away, releasing the fair-goers from its enchantment. A crescendo of screams of terror and agony filled the fairgrounds as hundreds of people slowly awoke to the horror surrounding them. What had began in mirth merriment ended in a Carnival of Tears.

Campaign journals

Zanaver’s Journal: Carnival of Tears Part 5
Sir Volker’s Journal 1: Mission to Falcon’s Hollow

Death to Lycans

Adventure synopsis

Lycanthropy has been a perpetual threat to Darkmoon Vale for as long as denizens of the Western Baronies can remember. A little over a year ago several packs of werewolves joined forces with the Hob-goblins of Wyrthac Keep in an attempt to lay waist to the barony of Dawnhaven. The siege was unsuccessful, and ever since the human population of Darkmoon Vale has taken a much more active role in attempting to blot out the scourge that has assailed them. There is currently a standing bounty on the heads of all werewolves in the region. Recently a local Mercenary Guild known as the Dragon Fangs was commissioned to root out and destroy the forest camps of the Shadow Pack, a dark druidic order of lycans abiding within the Arthefell Forest. Though the Shadow Pack were only known to attack loggers and anyone else foolish enough to enter their forest, some feared that they might one day amass numbers great enough to attack Dawnhaven.

As a former member of the Dragon Fangs, Zanaver was initially approached by the Guild to join in a raid of one recently discovered camp. Later when Ithilien, Thaylen and Welverin joined with the Twilight Guard, the whole party was brought into the operation. The mission was simple. There would be two teams, one made up of the Twilight Guard, and the other led by Stitch, the Dragon Fang’s second in command. The two teams would secure flanking positions around the lycan camp, and then once Stitch’s team began aerial bombardment, the Twilight Guard would rush the camp and breach its defenses. With their defenses down and their attention divided the lycans would soon fall. That was the plan at least. In practice the plan fell apart almost as soon as the first arrow had been fired. Bare minutes into the fighting four of the five members of Stitch’s team lay dead or dying and Ithilien nearly met his end at hands of a tenacious werebear. However when the dust had settled it was the Twilight Guard who remained standing. After reviving those of Stitch’s party still breathing, the two parties returned to Dawnhaven to toast their hard fought victory.

Campaign journals

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A Changing of the Guard

Adventure synopsis

Although they had successfully completed several heroic quests and had shared an intimate fellowship as the heroes of Falcon’s Hollow, the Twilight Guard soon disbanded after their encounter with The Stoat. Edmund had received a divine calling which led his path south, far from the borders of the Western Baronies. Toed, impressed by larcenous skill of The Stoat, resolved to track the little cat burglar down and become his protege. Thus, of the four original founders of the Twilight Guard, only Zanaver ans Shrizyne remained. Yet as they sat in the cramped little booth of The Red Robin contemplating their next move, the two were approached by three strangers seeking to unite with the party. Ithilien Silverblade, a self exiled Paladin-Knight of Valoir, Welverin Alurthilar, a powerful elf conjurer from a distant plane, and Thaylen Twinblades, a nimble rogue hailing from the streets of Caldoranth had already engaged in a number of quests together throughout the Northern Reaches. When their journey led them into Darkmoon Vale they had learned of another band of local adventurers named the Twilight Guard. Upon hearing of their courageous deeds within Falcon’s Hollow, these three sought to offer their swords and spells to the party. So it was that a changing of the Guard occurred and a new fellowship of Guardians was born. Below you will find the collected chronicles of the adventures of the three newest faces of the Twilight Guard.

Campaign journals

Ithilien’s Journal: 1st Entry
Ithilien’s Journal: 2nd Entry
Welverin’s Journal: 1st Entry
Welverin’s Journal: 2nd Entry

To Catch a Thief

Adventure synopsis

After returning to Falcon’s Hollow the Twilight Guard celebrate their daring rescue of the town’s children at the party’s local haunt, Jak’a’Napes. At the party several of the townsfolk were harassed by Skald and another of his Tomb Scalper lackeys. The next morning the Guard sought out Sherif Baleson to learn more about Skald and his miscreant adventuring party. Turns out that the Tomb Scalpers are in the employ of both the Lumber Consortium and the Red Rock Guild, an underground crime syndicate run by the infamous Kabron Bloodeye. It would seem that the Tomb Scalpers have earned a tidy little percentage supplying Bloodeye with new girls for The Rouge Lady. Whenever a fatal logging accident occurs, Skald and his lackeys inevitably end up “persuading” the widow to take up employment in Bloodeye’s brothel. Upon hearing this the Guard decided to partner with Baelson in helping to bring down Skald, Bloodeye, and the rest of the Red Rock Guild. But first the party had business in Dawnhaven to attend to.

The Twilight Guard once more made the trip to Darkmoon Vale’s most successful Barony to sell off loot from their previous adventure and pick up a few bounties. While there, Edmund split off from the group to seek aid for Jeva. After re-supplying at The Outbacker, the rest of the party team up with a rogue named Coinbo to take on a high priced bounty. A skilled halfling cat burglar known as The Stoat had been relieving several of Dawnhaven’s noble houses of their riches. The Guard followed several leads and eventually caught up with the Stoat in the Noble Quarters of Dawhnhaven. Caught in the act of burglary, the Stoat decided to make a break for it and the party followed in hot pursuit. After a brief chase and an even briefer skirmish with the small thief, the Party decides to cut a deal with The Stoat to let him go free provided that he hand over the loot from his latest heist.

Campaign journals

Edmund’s Journal: 8th Entry

Crown of the Kobold King

In Search of the Lost Children

Adventure synopsis

Upon returning to Falcon’s Hollow the party now known as the Twilight Guard learn that several of the Town’s children have gone missing! Apparently a band of kids known as the Falcon Knights had absconded during the night to go explore the ruins of Elara’s Halfway house, a site which was purported to be haunted. No one has seen or heard of the kids since. Edmund, Shrizyne and Zanaver were rejoined by Toed, and the party, after gathering information on the children from family members, immediately set off for the Halfway House. There they discover that Elara had been hiding a disturbing secret which may have resulted in her death. They also meet an odd young girl named Jeva who apparently was the lone survivor of the fire that destroyed the halfway house. Jeva knows where the children are, they’ve been abducted by Koboblds! Joined now by their small companion, the Twilight Guard once more braves the perils of Darkmoon Wood in search of the Kobobld Lair.

Campaign journals

Edmund’s Journal: 5th Entry

Adventure synopsis

The Twilight Guard learn that the missing children have been taken to the lower levels of Drosker’s Crucible, The party spends two days delving into the underside of this ancient Dwarven Monastery and in so doing, gradually come to learn more about the Crucible’s dark cultic history. Along the way, they slay an assortment of the dungeon’s more inhospitable ecology, meet new friends and allies, and discover that the Kobolds intend to sacrifice the children in order to stave off a prophecy of doom upon their clan. The party also discover Kimi and Savram, and in the process come to find that their cute little companion Jeva has been hiding a terrifying secret from them. While two of the children are found, others remain in captivity or have been taken by even more dangerous denizens of the Crucible. Will the party be able to find the rest of the children before the Kobolds begin the sacrificial rites?

Campaign journals

Edmund’s Journal: 6th Entry

Adventure synopsis

Having rescued Kimi and Savram, the Twilight Guard next rushes into a dark ashen room to confront the undead creature that held Jurin captive. The party arrives in time to stop the undead from forging Jurin’s soul into the steal chain wrapped around its rotting carcass. After an intense fight in which Toed and Zanaver both nearly lost their lives, the party manage to defeat the undead creature and rescue Jurin. While the undead has been defeated, the party learn that unless it’s Soul Chain is destroyed before the next sundown, or is claimed by a new master, the undead will rise again. Allured by the power of the weapon, Zanaver decides to claim the chain as his own, despite the dangers involved in doing so. The others are more than a bit uneasy about this and confront their comrade in an attempt to convince him to reconsider his decision.

Campfire discussions

Much Ado About A Soul Chain

With just one child and an Elf Mage left to rescue, the Twilight Guard race against time in the lower levels of the Crucible, trying to find the captives before the foretold kobold sacrificial rites begin. They are assailed on every side with wave upon wave of kobolds, and destroy nearly the entire tribe before reaching the Throne room of Merlokrep. There they defeat the Kobold King and make a pact with his consort Vreggma to help save the remaining tribe members from creeping shadows in exchange for the release of their human prisoners. Unfortunately the party is too late to save Tyran from the sacrificial blade of Jekajak, the tribe’s Shaman, and must defeat the aging kobold who refuses to release Hollin.

Campaign journals

Edmund’s Journal: 7th Entry

After saving the children from the clutches of the kobolds, the Twilight Guard make their way back to Falcon’s Hollow to return the missing children. Among other things, along the way the party encounters a skirmish taking place between a group of loggers and some fey. To the shock of all, Zanover and Shrizyne decide to side with the fey and ruthlessly attack the mercenaries defending lumber interests. There is no telling what the repercussions of this decision will be, but one thing is certain: things may never be the same again.


Stroll in the Woods

The Reavers Affair

The Reavers Affair

Adventure synopsis

After saving the town of Falcon’s Hollow from an epidemic, Zanaver, Shrizyne and Edmund journey to the nearby town of Dawnhaven to liquidate their unneeded loot. Along the way, the party is ambushed by a group of hobgoblin bandits known as the Reavers. Things go south fast as first Edmund, then Zanaver are felled, leaving only Shrizyne to face the five remaining bandits. Through nothing short of a miracle Shrizyne manages to slay the leader of the bandits and chase off the rest of the band. With Edmund dead and Zanaver badly wounded, the party decides to rest up for the night at a local bed-and-breakfast. The following day, the party arrives at Dawnhaven and learn that there is a bounty out on the heads of the Reavers. The party sell their loot, raise Edmund from the dead, hire some local mercenaries, scout out the Reaver camp and then engage the hobgoblin bandits once more in battle, this time to take a slice of sweet revenge!

Campaign journals

Zanaver’s Journal: Reavers
Edmund’s Journal: 4th Entry
Shrizyne’s Journal: 2nd Entry

Hollow's Last Hope

Hollows last hope banner

Adventure synopsis

An outbreak of a deadly fungus known as Blackscour has contaminated the well water of Falcon’s Hollow, an industrious logging village within Darkmoon Vale. Within a week of the fungal outbreak, nearly two dozen of the villagers had perished as a result of infection, and many more lay dying. Two local bounty hunters known as Shrizyne and Zanaver pair up with a couple of newly arrived adventures named Edmund and Toed to seek out a remedy to the Blackscour epidemic. Upon consulting with Laurel, the village herbalist, they discover that there is a cure to the infection, but it requires three rare ingredients which Laurel does not possess. These ingredients can be found within Darkmoon Wood and its surroundings, but any quest to find these ingredients will be fraught with the perils of lupine attacks, the malcontent of a powerful witch, and the ire of a belligerent clan of Kobolds. The four unlikely adventurers accept the risks, and set out to find a cure for the village.

Campaign journals

Shrizyne’s Journal: 1st Entry
Edmund’s Journal: 1st Entry
Edmund’s Journal: 2nd Entry
Edmund’s Journal: 3rd Entry




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